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Coach Jared
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Our Team

Coach Jared, Owner & Head Coach

Jared has been involved with basketball for over 15 years, either playing competitively up to the college levels, coaching school and club teams of various age groups, or working with individuals 1-on-1 looking to expand their game into the next level. 

Although his competitive playing days are behind him, he continues to grow and develop his skill set so that he might pass on his knowledge to the next generations, and help them expand their games.

Jared has worked professionally in the fitness industry for the past 5 years, working with athletes of all ages and of all sports, focusing on skill development and improving physical performance. 

He also runs his own personal training company specializing in elite level training for military, law enforcement, and firefighters, or members of the general public who are looking to reach new peaks in their fitness endeavors.

It has long been a passion and goal of Jared's to grow and develop his own basketball based company, and the level of dedication and personal touch he provides is second to none.

Coach Chris

Chris, with over 12 years of competitive basketball experience under his belt, has dedicated himself to becoming a versatile fitness and health coach. His expertise extends beyond personal training and group fitness, as he has worked with various age groups across diverse disciplines such as basketball, general fitness, and health advice. As a multi-faceted coach, Chris has organized and led an array of sports activities, including volleyball, wheelchair basketball, summer basketball camps, and SMBA. Continually striving to enhance his skills and knowledge in basketball and fitness training, Chris's ultimate vision is to empower others in their pursuit of self-improvement and overall fitness.

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Coach Victor

Victor has been involved with basketball for a little over 13 years. He is entering his 4th year of Kinesiology, aiming to delve into Occupational Therapy or Sports Medicine. He began his basketball journey at the age of 10, influenced by his family and friends who were obsessed with the game. In middle school, he joined the Junior A team and soon after, he was honored with the MVP award. This recognition only intensified his passion for the sport.

He took part in several basketball clubs, including spending 3 years with the Jr. Huskies. This allowed him to compete against high-ranking clubs across Saskatchewan and even experience games in the United States. Going into his Senior year of high school basketball, his team won multiple 2A Provincial Basketball Championships at Hoopla, notably achieving back-to-back victories in 2018-2019 2A Hoopla. To add to these accolades, at the end of his Senior year, his high school was the only team from Saskatchewan invited to a high-profile tournament in the United States: The Energy Classic Basketball Tournament in Gillette, Wyoming. Following this, Victor participated in various basketball leagues in the city, including the Men's League, and played in tournaments across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In terms of coaching, Victor has experience with the Saskatoon Youth Dream League, coaching various age groups, akin to The Basketball Experience. Even as his passion for coaching continues to grow, he eagerly anticipates inspiring the next generation of hoopers. Victor plans to bring the intensity and excitement to the players of the program. He aims to motivate them, enhancing their basketball skills, hoping they too can discover the love for the game that he cherished during his youth.

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Coach Rhianna

Currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan, Rhianna is also proud to hold a certificate in Business Management. A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Rhianna's love for sports began with soccer, which held her attention until a move to Saskatoon in 2007 sparked a newfound passion: basketball.

Determined and driven, Rhianna joined various basketball programs, steadily improving her skills and making her way onto her high school's senior team for the last two years. Although she's a fan of tennis and biking during the sun-soaked Saskatoon summers, it's basketball that holds the top spot in her heart.

More than just playing the game, Rhianna enjoys sharing her passion for basketball with younger players, hoping to inspire them as much as they inspire her. Looking forward to meeting you soon, whether it's at the gym or on the court, she's excited to share her love for the game and the lessons it has taught her.

Coach Adrian (Adi)

Adrian (Adi) started playing basketball when he was 6 years old and has loved it ever since. Though he continues to enjoy playing recreationally, his fervor has evolved from playing to coaching and mentoring. Despite being an IT professional by trade, his dedication to basketball coaching has led him to various programs and mentorships, refining his comprehensive approach to player development. He's learned a lot by joining different coaching programs. In the last five years, he's been really involved in teaching young players. In 2018, he served as an assistant coach for an international basketball academy and then took the bold step of founding his own academy later that same year. His journey took a new turn in 2021 when he moved to Canada, volunteering as a coach for a youth club team in Halifax and offering individual and group training sessions. Now in Saskatoon, Adrian is excited to contribute to The Basketball Experience, aiming to cultivate high-character basketball players through our program. Forever a student of the game, Adrian's enthusiasm for learning and teaching basketball remains very high.

Coach Rohit

Rohit, from Mumbai, India is an engineer trade, but has always had a love for basketball. With 18 years on the court, he's proudly represented his university and numerous club teams from Mumbai. His dedication to the sport has endowed him with a solid grasp of basketball fundamentals, shaped by persistent practice and expert guidance.

During his role as the captain of his college basketball team, he emphasized the power of positivity and the understanding that the road to championship is devoid of shortcuts.

He owes much of his basketball acumen to the training he received from one of India's premier basketball talents — a coach whose mentorship ignited his passion even further.

Today, he is honored to transition from player to coach, thanks to The Basketball Experience. He is eager to impart his basketball wisdom and experience to the next generation. For him, coaching is more than just teaching a sport; it's his way of giving back to the community.

Coach Victor
Coach Rhianna
Coach Adrian
Coach Rohit

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