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Basketball Clinics

Basketball Clinics

The Basketball Experience is excited to announce the start of basketball skill clinics!

The clinics are 2 hours of training where athletes between the ages of 5 and 18 years old learn the fundamentals of one specific skill, while edging into more intermediate and advanced skill development (depending on the athlete). For example, one clinic can be on shooting, the next about ball handling, etc. We place an emphasis on helping players work beyond what they believe they are capable of, and help them get comfortable with the uncomfortable, because that is where the majority of development occurs!







Each clinic will cover a different skill:

- Shooting Fundamentals (Form, Footwork, Etc.)

- Dribbling & Ball Handling

- Passing, Reading the Defense, & Ball Movement

- Defensive & Rebounding Fundamentals

- Basketball 101

- And more

Our clinics consist of a total of 2 hours of training. They are tailored for every player between the ages of 5 and 18 years old (co-ed). Each drill is intentionally picked and adapted based on the skill levels of each player.

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Shooting & Basketball IQ

Defense &            Basketball 101

  Ball Handling  & Passing

       Love of


Ages 5-7: Introduction to Basketball (TBD)
- Introduction to proper shooting and movement patterns
- Introduction to ball handling basics
- Fun games to make practicing skills enjoyable!

- Drills and exercises adapted to each player's skill level

Ages 8-12 & Ages 13-18: Shooting Clinic


February 20th - Beginner/Intermediate
February 21st - Advanced/Elite (more info below)

Pavillon Gustave-Dubois

2320 Louise Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3M7

Ages 4-7 Co-Ed      TBD
Ages 8-12 Co-Ed     1:00 - 3:00PM
Ages 13-18 Co-Ed   3:00 - 5:00PM

Ages 5-7 ($45+tx)

February 20th - Beg/Inter

Ages 8-12 ($60+tx)

February 20th - Beg/Inter

Ages 13-18 ($60+tx)

Ages 8-12 ($70+tx)

February 21st - Adv/Elite

February 21st - Adv/Elite

Ages 13-18 ($70+tx)


Screening Questions

1. Skill Level Requirement 
8-12 Year Olds:
ipants should already have a solid foundation in shooting basics and be able to consistently execute fundamental shots with moderate to high accuracy. This clinic is ideal for young athletes who have moved beyond fundamental-level and are ready to refine their shooting techniques and accuracy.
13-18 Year Olds:

Participants are expected to possess advanced shooting skills, including strong mechanics, consistency, and accuracy from various distances. This clinic is designed for those who have moderate to high experience and are seeking to perfect their techniques, especially in specific game-like scenarios.

2. Understand of Game Situations
8-12 Year Olds:
Our clinic will introduce players to application of their shooting skills in
various game situations, such as reading defenses and finding open shots, both with and without the ball. It is suited for players who are beginning to understand the strategic aspects of basketball and are eager to learn more.
13-18 Year Olds:
Participants will delve deep into advanced shooting concepts, including space creation, using screens effectively, and building high levels of shooting confidence. This clinic is for players with moderate to high understanding of the game, and players who can already apply shooting skills in challenging to complex game situations.

3. Previous Training / Experience
8-12 Year Olds:
Participants should have participated in structured leagues, or basketball training, such as a previous TBE Shooting Clinic / P
rogram, and are recognized by their coaches for their shooting potential, work ethic, and their ability to positively receive and implement feedback.
13-18 Year Olds:
Participants should have relatively high experience in competitive basketball environments, such as school/club teams, or training programs, such as a previous TBE Shooting Clinic / Program. Players should demonstrate a high work ethic, high coachability, and a determination to strive for improvement.

Learning Points


1. Advanced shooting mechanics - Refine the finer points of your shooting form, including hand placement, foot alignment / balance, and follow through, to increase accuracy, consistency, and shooting range.

2. Creating Shooting Opportunities - Learn strategies for getting open for shots both with and without the basketball, such as reading defensive setups, using screens effectively, creating space against tight defense, and getting shots over closing out defenders.

3. Shooting Under Pressure - Simulate game-like pressure to improve focus, accuracy, and confidence when taking shots. Learn how to focus your mind on the right things, and block out the negatives.

4. Mental and Physical Conditioning for Shooters: Learn techniques for mental preparation and focus that enhance shooting performance. Engage in conditioning exercises that build the specific muscles and stamina for effective shooting over the course of a game.

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