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Basketball Clinics

Basketball Clinics

The Basketball Experience is excited to announce the start of basketball skill clinics!

The clinics are 2 hours of training where athletes between the ages of 5 and 18 years old learn the fundamentals of one specific skill, while edging into more intermediate and advanced skill development (depending on the athlete). For example, one clinic can be on shooting, the next about ball handling, etc. We place an emphasis on helping players work beyond what they believe they are capable of, and help them get comfortable with the uncomfortable, because that is where the majority of development occurs!







Each clinic will cover a different skill:

- Shooting Fundamentals (Form, Footwork, Etc.)

- Dribbling & Ball Handling

- Passing, Reading the Defense, & Ball Movement

- Defensive & Rebounding Fundamentals

- Basketball 101

- And more

Our clinics consist of a total of 2 hours of training. They are tailored for every player between the ages of 5 and 18 years old (co-ed). Each drill is intentionally picked and adapted based on the skill levels of each player.

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Shooting & Basketball IQ

Defense &            Basketball 101

  Ball Handling  & Passing

       Love of


Ages 5-7: Introduction to Basketball (TBD)
- Introduction to proper shooting and movement patterns
- Introduction to ball handling basics
- Fun games to make practicing skills enjoyable!

- Drills and exercises adapted to each player's skill level

Ages 8-12 & Ages 13-18: Shooting Clinic



Pavillon Gustave-Dubois

2320 Louise Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3M7

Ages 4-7 Co-Ed      TBD
Ages 8-12 Co-Ed     TBD
Ages 13-18 Co-Ed   TBD

Ages 5-7 ($45+tx)

Ages 8-12 ($60+tx)

Ages 13-18 ($60+tx)

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