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Speed. Power. Athletic Performance.

Ages 14 -18 Girls & Boys

Athletic In-Season
Performance Training

Our Athletic Performance Program (APP) is not your average training regimen.
This is an 8-week launch pad to elevate athletes to their peak performance!
Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or just embarking on your athletic journey, the APP is tailored to propel you towards your goals, setting you apart from the crowd.


Our 8 weeks will focus on:​​​

Strength & Power 

Learn proper movement patterns and form in the weight room, engaging your muscles in ways that will build strength, power, durability, and longevity, all while performing exercises that will translate on to the hardwood.

Warmups & Stretching Routines

Warm Ups and stretching routines designed by a certified flexibility specialist, you will learn how to prepare your body for today’s workout, and be ready to go again tomorrow!

Speed & Agility

Through the use of specialized exercises and plyometrics, develop your speed and agility to get a step ahead of your competition.

Core Strengthening

A strong core is the foundation from which all other strength, power, agility, and durability can be built upon. This is a focal point for our program, and you will learn the secret competitive edge that specialized core work can do for you!

Joint Stabilization & Injury Prevention

Sports are full of high risk movements and contact, not to mention the numerous imbalances that can come from improper training for sports. This program ensures we are stabilizing and strengthening injury prone areas of the body to mitigate the risk of injury on and off the court.


  • 2 Supplemental workouts provided to go through at your own convenience.

  • Nutritional information provided for athletes to fuel properly.

Peak Performance Package

(Athletic Training + Basketball Skill Training)

The pre-season is the perfect time to improve your basketball skills as well as your physical attributes. Skill training, like shooting, passing, and dribbling, will enhance your technical abilities on the court, while strength training will improve your physical performance including speed, power, agility, endurance, and strength. Together, they can significantly improve your overall performance.

Improved Performance

Pre-season is ideal for developing basketball skills and physical attributes. This balance between skill training and strength training can significantly improve your overall court performance.

Better Recovery & Skill Execution

Off-season weight training aids in the body's recovery and readiness system, which translates to high-intensity training and games. Improved physical strength enhances skill execution, e.g., increased lower body strength can improve jumping, crucial for finishing and rebounding.

Career Longevity
& Mental Toughness

Athletic performance training can lead to a longer, healthier basketball career by improving fitness and resilience. Off-season commitment also builds mental toughness and discipline.

Injury Prevention

Athletic performance training enhances muscle balance, stabilizes the joints, and increases bone density, all of which are crucial for preventing injuries.

Performance Training Logo-full blue.png

By combining skill and performance training, athletes can improve their overall basketball performance by enhancing both their movement and technical skills. Additionally, basketball skill training can provide a more game-like environment to practice the movements and skills learned during athletic training, which can further improve an athlete's ability to apply their improved movement capabilities during actual game play.

Tuesday Program

Only 4 spots available!

Where: YWCA Fitness on 25th

Time: 6pm until 7pm

Dates: January 9th to February 27th
Trainer: Coach Jared

$235 / 8 weeks

Includes taxes & a shirt

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