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Mini Hoopers

Ages 2-4 Co-Ed

Mini Hoopers Basketball can now be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


Mini Hoopers is where little ones take their first steps into the exciting world of basketball! Designed exclusively for 2-4 year olds, their program goes beyond the court to cultivate cognitive, social, and motor skill development, while also encouraging kids to explore their own creativity and imagination in a playful and engaging environment.



As a local Saskatoon based company, they believe in the power of connection with one another, especially when it comes to family. They take pride in creating a supportive and welcoming space for both parents and kids to bond over the joy of learning and playing the amazing sport of basketball!

Enroll your little one for our unique experience - where basketball, growth, and family fun come together!​

Cultivate Early

Build a foundation for lifelong growth, igniting a passion for learning & physical activity.

Inspire Creative

Nurturing the imaginative spirit within every child, allowing them to express themselves in a supportive and playful environment.

Foster Family Bonds

Create opportunities for parents and children to bond over the shared experience of basketball, fostering strong family connections!

Fostering a Love for
Basketball & Sport

Introduce young minds to the joy of basketball, but also cultivate a lasting enthusiasm for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Ages 2-4
Mini Hoopers Registration

Client Reviews

My kids love going to the Mini Hoopers! The atmosphere is great, the games are both interactive and educative and the coaches are always very engaged with the kids. Our kids learned so many things since joining, we will definitely keep going!
- Anonymous

They are a great team & kids love to spend time learning & exploring with them. Thanks for making the basketball experience so wonderful.

- Banafsha

We cannot say enough good things about the program, it's been amazing. The coaching staff has been wonderful! Our two little ones, Hendrix and Atlin, have done a number of activities including, swimming, soccer etc, and this BY FAR has been their favourite. They get so excited every Saturday morning to go out and play. Can't say enough good things!

- Ryan Sutherland

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