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Ages 11-13


Our Basketball Experience for 11-13 year old age group is where we amp up the skill development, building a solid and consistent foundation of skill that they will be able to utilize in real game scenarios.

Here, we expand on the basic skills and movement patterns of dribbling, shooting, layups, footwork, defense, and rebounding. We also step into basic athletic development like running, jumping, and lateral movements.

Most importantly, we emphasize enjoyment of the sport by balancing a level of overall development, information, and engagement that leaves the players wanting to come back for more!

All of our programs consist of a 1 hour session each week, over the course of 8 weeks.

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Growth         Mindset


& Encouragement

       Love of


Friday Program

Where: YWCA Fitness on 25th
Time: 7pm until 8pm

Dates: March 17th to May 5th

$209 / 8 weeks

Saturday Program

Where: Willowgrove School

Time: 3pm until 4pm

Dates: March 18th to May 6th

$209 / 8 weeks

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