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Youth Basketball Training


**July Registration Open**


Jared Derkatz

Coach & Founder

Jared has been involved with basketball for over 15 years, either playing competitively up to the college levels, coaching school and club teams of various age groups, or working with individuals 1-on-1 looking to expand their game into the next level. 

Although his competitive playing days are behind him, he continues to grow and develop his skill set so that he might pass on his knowledge to the next generations, and help them expand their games.

Jared has worked professionally in the fitness industry for the past 5 years, working with athletes of all ages and of all sports, focusing on skill development and improving physical performance. 

He also runs his own personal training company specializing in elite level training for military, law enforcement, and firefighters, or members of the general public who are looking to reach new peaks in their fitness endeavors.

It has long been a passion and goal of Jared's to grow and develop his own basketball based company, and the level of dedication and personal touch he provides is second to none.

Basketball is Our Passion

The Basketball Experience is all about what the name suggests, an experience!

We aim to create a complete basketball experience that can be enjoyed by any age, any level, any gender, and really, anyone.

Whether its a child looking to develop a newfound love for the sport, or a seasoned athlete looking to take their game to the next level, we have something for you!

We are constantly looking to expand and grow with our community, and we actively work to offer an incredibly valuable experience to everyone we work with.


The programs are designed from start to finish to provide a fun, encouraging environment where kids can learn the fundamentals of basketball, while fostering a high level of enjoyment in basketball and the development process! Each session also allows opportunities to develop a growth mindset and learn how to achieve goals in life!

Growth Mindset Development


Ball Handling

Defense & Rebounding


Basketball IQ

Beginner to Advanced Training

Are you ready to take things to the next level?

We offer elite training for anyone ages 10 and above. Our individual and small group training sessions include a combination of skill and mindset development, along with strength, speed, and endurance training.

Personalized sessions and training exercises

Growth Mindset Development

Ball Handling

Defense & Rebounding



Basketball IQ




Private Training

TBE Elite Program

YXE TBE ELITE LOGO - White background transparent.png

TBE Elite is not just a regular program. It is a game-changer for high-level athletes seeking top-tier training to excel in the next stage of their basketball journey.

Ready to have a Basketball Experience?

Book a free trial session to start working on your game right now!


What People Say

Anderson's parents said they loved the attention given to each participant to give correction and encouragement.

The Basketball Experience (5) (1).png

Trey's parents said it was great! We liked how each session focused on a different skill.

The Basketball Experience (8).png

Hendrix & Oakley's Parents

The kids learned great skills and had so much fun. They gave them the confidence to take the shot; even if they just missed they still tried after. We loved the life lessons the coaches gave to the kids. It's one thing if mom says it, but if it comes from coach it must be true!!

The Basketball Experience (8).png

Their program is well structured and their coaches are knowledgeable. Coach Jared has experience with kids and it shows, he teaches not just basketball skills, but also great life skills. Always great to learn how to apply things you learn while practicing a sport in your daily life. They are always patient with the kiddos even when they are not on their best behaviour.

Neil's Parents

The Basketball Experience (5) (1).png

Zak Rizvi

Jared really helped me elevate my game to another level. He is the reason I am the captain of my basketball team. He helped me develop my skills in every way, even my mental game. I would highly recommend coming to see him!

The Basketball Experience (5) (1).png

Maninder Dhaliwal

"I have worked with Jared for five years, and have grown as an athlete and a competitor in ways that I would never have anticipated. Jared has not waivered in his investment in me as an athlete, through all my trials and tribulations, and as a result, I now have a much firmer education in athletic development"

The Basketball Experience (8).png

1-on-1 Client's Parents

I must say that we couldn’t be more pleased with coach Jared this far. Between my wife and I, and our kids, we’ve been involved in a lot of different sport at all sorts of levels and have come across a wide range of coaching and I am really impressed with Jared’s process, ability to quickly evaluate a player and their needs, and then adapt to their needs with drills and tailored practice plan, all without wasting time. It’s as if he’s watched our kid play for years already and knows their needs and temperament. And, he does all this with patience, positivity, and with realistic goals and expectations. 

The Basketball Experience (8).png

Clyde Smith

"I have trained with Jared for 3 years now and I must say that he has been by far the best trainer I have had the opportunity to work with. Jared brought a diverse approach towards the training sessions, enabling me to challenge myself constantly and, in turn, achieve the results I desired. He exudes professionalism in all aspects of the profession, and with the knowledge he possesses, I believe any one will benefit greatly from his expertise."

The Basketball Experience (5) (1).png

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