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Ags 8-10


Ages 5 - 18 Co-Ed

Our Basketball Experience for our homeschooling group is based around a foundational understanding of basketball as well as a development of more advanced skills.

Here, we expand on the different skills and movement patterns of dribbling, shooting, layups, footwork, defense, and rebounding. We also step into basic athletic development like running, jumping, and lateral movements.

Most importantly, we emphasize fun and enjoyment of the sport, balancing a level of overall development, information, and engagement that leaves the kids wanting to come back for more!

All of our programs consist of a 1 hour session each week, over the course of 8 weeks.

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Basic to Advanced Skills

Growth         Mindset

       Love of



& Encouragement

We are planning on bringing back our homechooling program in the fall!

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